Personal Information Processing Privacy Notice


Greater Pharma Co., Ltd., (“the Company”) places the importance and gives respects on the privacy of your personal information. We shall manage and safeguard personal information in accordance with the laws on the protection of personal information and the security standard on keeping your information and that this Privacy Notice will describe how the Company has treated your personal information: such as; the gathering, safeguarding, storage, retention, use, disclosure of your personal information including your rights, etc. Now that, in order to keep you informed on the protection of personal information by the Company, we would like to reveal our pertinent actions as follows:


1. Personal Information Gathered by the Company.

    “Personal Information” means information related to an individual that enables such person to be identified, whether directly or indirectly, but, not including the information of the deceased, in particular. We gathered your personal information as follows in gaining access to use the services through all Company’s channels: such as; websites, applications, telephones, etc.,  

  • Your full name, age, address, phone number, email address, date of birth;
  • List and purchase history of products and services, bank account number, payment details;
  • Record of any conversations either in the form of audio (telephone) or other text (website, mail) when you contact us;
  • IP Address:
  • Your personal information that the Company has obtained from other sources: such as; from registering or logging into your system via Facebook, Google), Apple ID, etc., or from a disclosing third party which, in this respect, if such information should necessarily be required to obtain your consent or that such consent has not yet been obtained from you first, we shall notify you accordingly and request for your consent within 30 days from the date of receiving the information.

    “Cookie” means a small data file for use in storing information of the website users by which the website will send Cookie for storing in your computer or communication device while you are using the website. A cookie consists both of the types that will expire as soon as you close the browser program you are using and that will remain on your computer or device until you delete the Cookie.


2. Purpose of Gathering Personal Information.

We gathered your personal information in order to conform to the following statutory processing. 

2.1 Basis of the Contract: 

           2.1.1 For use in providing services to you on the purchases of the products, payments of the products and the product deliveries according to the Company’s business objectives or on the liaisons with you in providing the after-sales services. 

           2.1.2 For use in the corrective actions and improvements on the services as you have notified via the Company’s various complaint channels provided, however, that if you do not provide your personal information for use in accordance with the purpose of this Contract basis, we cannot provide you any services whatever. 

2.2 Basis of Consent: 

We shall ask for your consent before taking any actions whatever in accordance with the following objectives: 

           2.2.1 Analysis and individual cares to manage the individual rights and benefits for you. 

           2.2.2 The offers for sales of products or services or sending benefits directly to you: such as; sending e-mails, telephonic contacts, etc. 

2.3 Basis of the Necessity for the Company’s Legitimate Interests: 

           2.3.1 For the research processing or preparation of statistics according to the Company’s operational objectives, the preparation of operating report within the Company. 

           2.3.2 For the development and improvement on the quality of the Company’s service. 

           2.3.3 For the management in the Company’s operations, anti-corruptions, arrangements of the security measures on your and the Company’s properties. 

2.4 Statutory Duty: 

We may need to deliver your personal information to competent officials, government agencies that have the statutory power to retrieve information possessed by the Company: such as; the Revenue Department, Office of the Consumer Protection Board, Royal Thai Police Office, Public Prosecutor Office, Courts, etc.


3. Basis on Information Retention

     3.1 In the event of your visit the Company’s website or application without logging into the user account, the retention period shall not exceed 10 years from the month of visiting the website or the application. 

     3.2 In the event that you have subscribed for a membership, we shall keep your personal information for the duration of your membership, but, not more than 10 years from the month you last logged in. 

We shall delete your personal information in the due month or within 30 days from the date of your request for the cancelation of your membership and your request for the deletion of your personal information. 


4. Disclosure or Transfer of Personal Information

We may disclose or transfer your personal information to third parties, either within the country or abroad. For and for and in accordance with the purposes of this policy. If it should be for the purpose necessarily requiring to obtain your consent, we would certainly obtain your consent before making the following disclosures: 

      4.1 Companies in Greater – Oui Heng Group: 

We may disclose your personal information to companies in Greater – Oui Heng Group: such as; Stem Sales for Life Co., Ltd., Greater Pharma Pharmaceutical Factory Co., Ltd., Greater Mybasin Co., Ltd. Sin Co., Ltd., etc. You can view those companies by visiting the website: 

      4.2 The party contracted by the Company (Personal Information Processor):

We may contract the other person or company to help operate and operate on behalf of the Company in accordance with the purpose which we have originally notified you which shall be the disclosure as necessarily required to carry on such particular actions. In this respect, we have made the personal information processing agreement to limit these personal information processors from doing more than what the Company has ordered and to maintain the security of personal information to meet the standard set by the Company before the disclosure of your personal information is made to: such as; (1) the technical and information technology service providers including website and application development service providers, (2) service providers on warehouse and freight forwarding, (3) service providers on the information survey, research or analysis, (4) service providers on the advertisements and marketing, (5) service providers on the telecom and communications, (6) service providers on the information storage and Cloud, etc. 

      4.3 Company’s Business Partner:

 We may transfer your personal information to our business partners both on the joint or non-joint offerings of the products or services to you in various fields: such as; finance, banking, payment system, marketing, both offline and online, wholesale and retailed sales, cargo transportations, survey, research and information analysis loyalty program system provided, however, that the information transferred or disclosed to each other may be either not covered by this document (in the case of not being a joint action) or under this document and including the Personal Data Protection Policy or the Document of Notification on the Personal Information Processing of Business Partners. (In case of being a joint ation). 

      4.4 Consultants and Professionals in Various Fields:

  We may disclose personal information to business consultants including persons engaged in various fields of professions: such as; lawyers, auditors, etc., in carrying on the Company operations.

      4.5 Entity or Agency Defined by Law as Being an Eligible Person: 

It is necessary for the Company to disclose or transmit your information to law enforcement agencies having the power to request for the information: such as, the Courts, Competent Officials under such particular laws, etc., including disclosing or providing your personal information for the sake of the Company’s necessity in accordance with the measures stipulated by law 

      4.6 Transfer of Your Personal Information to Foreign Countries: 

We may disclose or transfer your personal information to companies or service providers in foreign countries which, in this respect, we shall exercise caution and make checks as to whether the companies or service provider including such countries have appropriate privacy standards. 


5. Safeguarding of Personal Information: 

     5.1 We have been well aware of the importance of safeguarding your personal information, thus, an appropriate measure to safeguard the personal information has been implemented in line with the confidentiality of personal information to prevent loss, access, destruction, use, alteration or disclosure of personal information without or without due rights which shall be in accordance with the Company’s information technology security policy and practice. 

      5.2 You should keep your User ID and Password in confidence as best as possible and refrain from writing or save such information on any medium or disclose such information to any person in order to ensure that you are the only person to know of this information. We have no or will not have any policy to ask for your User ID and Password. If you should be in doubt that your User ID and/or Password may be disclosed to a third party or has been misplaced or stolen and that a transaction has been undertaken without a permission, please notify us immediately and continue to further lodge complaint. 

      5.3 We shall exert our efforts to prevent an improper access to personal information and protect personal information from being lost, destroyed, added and modified, etc., as well as trying to improve a discrepancy and defect and setting up measures to manage the information security as appropriate. 


6. Rights of Personal Information Proprietor:

You have a right to undertake the following actions as specified by law:    

     6.1 A right of withdraw the consent: 

You have such right according to the purpose for which the Company has obtained your consent. In this respect, you can withdraw your consent freely at any time. 

     6.2 A right of access to personal information:

You have a right to request for the access to or receive your personal information gathered, used and disclosed by the Company including a request for the Company to disclose the acquisition of personal information to which you have not given your consent. In this connection, the Company may levy a charge for such action in the case that you have made an unreasonable request. The Company will inform you of the processing fee before the Company will proceed on with the actions in accordance with your request. 

      6.3 A right of Rectification of Personal Information: 

You may have a right to request for a rectification of your personal information that we have gathered, used or disclosed about you in order to make it proper, updated and complete and not to be misled to understanding. 

      6.4 A right of request to delete or destroy the information:

  You have a right to request the Company to delete or destroy or cause your personal information to be unable to identify you. 

      6.5 A right to withhold the use of personal information:

  You have a right to suspend the use of your personal information for some certain reason. 

      6.6 A right of request for information transfer:

  You have a right to obtain personal information that can be read or generally used by means of an automated function device or equipments that can be used or disclosed the personal information by automated means including sending or transferring such information to other information controllers provided that it is only on the part of the personal information you have provided to the Company. 

      6.7 A right of contestation: 

You have a right to contest against the gathering, use or disclosure of your personal information as provided by law: such as; the right to contest against the direct marketing. 

      6.8 A right of lodging a complaint:

 You may have a right to lodge a complaint with the Office of the Personal Information Protection Committee provided, however, that there may be some restrictions on the exercise of your rights which, in this respect, we shall notify you accordingly if we cannot comply with your request to exercise your rights. Such restrictions are in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, B. E. 2562 (2019). 


7. Changes in the Personal Information Protection Policy: 

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time to be compatible with the changes in the services, the Company’s operations and recommendations, comments from you which, in this respect, we shall make the announcements on the changes to expressly inform you before starting to implement the changes or we may send a notification thereof directly to you. 


8. Contacting Channels

If you should wish to exercise your right to clarify your point of suspicion under this Privacy Policy, please contact Greater Pharma Company Limited located at No. 46,46/1-2 Charansanitwong Road, Soi Charansanitwong 40, Bang Yi Khan Sub-district, Bang Phlad District, Bangkok 10700. 


Hot Line: 02-886-8190-9 

Notice on the Update is made on the 22nd Day of January 2021.