Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Donation – A Life-saving Gift for Someone in Need


Nowadays, there are several chronic and critical diseases in infants and children which cannot be cured by medication. As a result, umbilical cord blood stem cells are used as one of the treatment options for some life-threatening diseases. Therefore, cord blood banking is one way to help fellow human beings who may be in need of a stem cell transplant in the future.


Why Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells are Insufficient?

While the number of patients with critical blood diseases such as thalassemia increases every year, the amount of stem cell banking, on the other hand, is decreasing and considered scarce. Another important factor of using umbilical cord blood stem cells is human leukocyte antigen matching (HLA-matching); how well the donor cord blood matches the individual receiving the transplantation or infusion, which results in a successful transplant. The chances of finding HLA-compatible umbilical cord blood from unrelated donors are relatively low. As a result, some children do not have a chance to get stem cell transplants. Therefore, the more cord blood donors we get, the better our chances of saving more lives of children with critical diseases are.



Where can I Bank Umbilical Cord Blood?

Thai Red Cross Society has a constant and ongoing need for cord blood stem cell donation from volunteer donors; however, the public cord blood banking service has been discontinued. To date, only private cord blood stem cell banking is available in Thailand. Stem Cell for Life Company Limited has provided umbilical cord blood banking service for many years with international certifications and accreditations. We provide complete solutions and a “one-stop-service” to our customers. For decades, our team of qualified medical experts including doctors, researchers, and scientists has worked to ensure an international standard of care. At Stem Cell for Life Company Limited, you can rest assured that we will do our best to provide you with the highest safety and quality and most reliable umbilical cord blood banking service.