SCL is the first and only one pharmaceutical stem cell banking in Thailand and ASEAN. It is the only bank keeping stem cells under pharmaceutical factory having GMP international standard.

SCL is the only one company having license from Office of Food and Drug Administration.

so the company can culture stem cells to support using of stem cells in the future correctly under the law. If there is culturing of cells without any license, stem cells will be arranged as counterfeit medicine and there is no certification for safety when it will be used in the future.

SCL is the only one company in Thailand receiving ISO in the part of “Manufacturing of stem cell”

which means standard to certify the step of production of stem cells, not only keeping of stem cells. ISO has several chapters, such as food safety chapter, quality management system standard chapter. We are the only company receiving ISO in the chapter of production of stem cells.

Presently, stem cells are arranged to be biological products. In the future, stem cells will be arranged to be in the group of advance therapy medicinal products (ATMP).

Stem cells and ATMP of almost all types are in injection medicine, to be brought into body through injection into blood vessel. Therefore, in every step of production of stem cells or ATMP both for personalized medicine, or for production to be medicine, there should be control strictly. The important thing, the producer must have a license for culturing stem cells from Office of Food and Drug Administration, for safety of users (presently SCL is the only one producer having such license).

Production or culturing in order to increase quantity of stem cells without any license is in the scope of production of counterfeit medicine, or illegal medicine having severe penalty both producer and physicians who use such medicine.

Stem Cells For Life Co., Ltd. (SCL) is an affiliated
company of Greater Pharma Co., Ltd. which is a
pharmaceutical factory having history for
more than 50 years.

There are systems for protection and security according to the standard of GMP; it can prevent public risk and there are stand-by systems for important equipment in every process and there is standard supporting.

Equipment and raw materials in the lab are the highest standard level right to the GMP system having effect on quality of cells which are cultured and kept.

The company is the only one company
having sterility test, or test of sterilizing in injection
medicine standard level.

The lab has system of Negative/Positive Pressure which is the system having high cleanliness,
preventing infection in the lab the best.

The lab is in injection medicine standard, or vaccine standard, which has cleanliness in level of Class 100 clean room, which means it has 100 granules of dust per one cubic meter. Operation room uses only clean room at level of Class 1000.